#7 Keeper Conf. Explanation

#7 Keeper Conf. Explanation

We have written here a detailed explanation of GliderKeeper behavior upon the different settings of “Keeper Conf.” menu as several users have requested. This Shows how easy is to configure this AMRT in Field.

Starting from version 1.22 you will be able to see your Fw and UI standard in the blue ribbon of all GliderKeeper pages.

Depending of the Fw type you will have more or less access to these settings.

Competition Settings. -These settings allow you to configure how GliderKeeper will control your throttle.

Training/Esc Setup. – You have the throttle control ALL THE TIME. Use this “competition setting” for calibrating your ESC. Or in the very first flights of you model.

FAI Mode. – This behavior is according the rules of FAI “ F5J – RC ELECTRIC POWERED THERMAL DURATION GLIDERS”

Para  “ii) To restrict the operation of the motor by the competitor to a single continuous run not exceeding 30 seconds. “

That is, you have control of your throttle during the first 30 seconds of flight, or until you retract the power setting below the threshold. After the first of these two events your throttle is controlled by GliderKeeper to the value stored when powered up.

Altitude Shut.GliderKeeper will shut the throttle upon reaching the Stored Altitude Level, 30 seconds or a lever retract below the threshold, whichever occurs first and will be maintained to the value stored when powered up. When this Competition is selected you can change the Altitude Level for this shutting operation this altitude target is set in metres.

Time Shut.GliderKeeper will shut the throttle upon reaching the number of Stored Seconds in or a lever retract below the threshold, whichever occurs first and will be maintained to the value stored when powered up. When this Competition is selected you can change the Motor Seconds for this shutting operation.

F5J Height Calculation. -All above settings will allow for an F5J height calculation which is certainly meaningful when is FAI mode, but can be very useful for training and other competitions.

Enable Emergency Motor.- This setting is applicable to FAI, Altitude and Time modes. If enabled, Gliderkeeper will return throttle control to the pilot after 30 seconds of motor shut. The use of  motor in Emergency during flight will delete the result of a previously calculated F5J height of this flight and will show “—.-“ meaning this flights is to receive a Zero score. But maybe save a hull.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In strict compliance of FAI rules this flight cancellation may happen despite the landing time and a Flight Duration has been calculated, if throttle lever advanced. So pilots in competition should take care or their throttle lever both for safety and for their score.

Show Flight Time on Display. If muted, the flight time will not be displayed in OLED screen.

Logging settings. Mainly to save storage memory, it shows when the data logging will start. Always means it will be started on device initialization (important to track the “altimeter Zero”). On motor means that logging will start after motor is started. And On Altitude Logging will start after the desired trigger altitude is exceeded, this trigger altitude can be changed if On Altitude is selected.

GliderKeeper Orientation. Select Flat if GliderKeeper is installed in the canopy or the bottom of the fuselage. Deselect it if mounted lateral to the fuselage. Remember the long dimension of GliderKeeper must be parallel to flight direction either wire to the front or to the rear.

Always click or tap “save” for the changes take place next time GliderKeeper is powered up.

FW Types.

Fw STD is loaded in GliderKeeper. Al above Options are available

Fw FAI_F (First class competitions Fw), will only allow for Show Flight Time on Display and Gliderkeeper Orientation. The rest of the setting will be ignored and assigned to: FAI mode. Emergency Motor DISABLED. Logging Always

Fw FAI_S (Second class competitions Fw), will only allow for. Emergency Motor, Show Flight Time on Display and Gliderkeeper Orientation. The rest of the setting will be ignored and assigned to: FAI mode. Logging Always

If rules would change or some other developments would recommend it, new firmware type may be published.

We wish you found useful these descriptions and they help to take better profit of your GliderKeeper and have the happiest landings!

#6 A timekeeper_less F5J competition

#6 A timekeeper_less F5J competition

Last Thursday, eight brave men met to demonstrate that a F5J competition is possible with no need for timekeeper duties. All of us were equiped with one GliderKeeper inside our models.

We are all getting used to this new device so for the first times it is worth to take some minutes so everyone understands how to use it.

Very soon you will get comfortable with it, once you have used it a couple of times.

After reviewing the configuration of each of the devices we simply went into a single group eight in a row six flights competition.

This video is the demonstration that this is possible! It took us only two hours to do all the flights.

Print your boarding passes at home and the only thing you will need to bring to the airfield is the loudspeaker box with the speech manager. We call it GliderTimer. We will be talking of it in the next months.

Obviously, it was not a top level competition, and the more important the competition is the bigger the number of persons that must be hired for organisation. We want GliderKeeper to help reduce this overhead.

This was humble but serious competition, you can see results here: https://fam.gliderlink.net/comps/results/56

And there were awards for the podium. Since we were in Valencia the prize was a kilo of paella rice!

Thank you for reading our post and we hope you liked it!

Comments and questions are welcome at support@gliderkeeper.com.

#2.  Wi-Fi Setup Menu

#2. Wi-Fi Setup Menu

In this menu, after version 1.20 inclusive you can store 2 Wi_Fi names (SSID) and their corresponding password.

Then you can Set your mobile Wi-Fi name in the first position and in second place your Home´s. This will make your life easier by not having to decide to change either of these to match a single one as in previous versions.

You can as well modify the time after entering Wi-Fi mode GliderKeeper will be trying to connect to those stored host Wi-Fi´s to be in STA mode in these LAN´s, before becoming a Wi_Fi AP (Access Point) by itself.

If you are intending to use GliderKeeper in AP mode, then you may decide to set this time to 5 seconds… for faster generation of the AP mode. If you intend to use the host Wi-Fis then our recommendation is to leave it in the range of 15-20 seconds, this will depend very much in your own LAN requirements. Maximum time has been set to 30 seconds.

Many people has asked why they cannot change their AP mode Wi-Fi name to a name like “John´s GliderKeepe”r, the reason is this ID and name is supposed to be used in future versions where we will be able to send the results to the Organisation in a competition and this ID will be used to make sure the correct GliderKeeper is sending the results.


If you set to just five seconds then it is possible it will not engage or will need many attempts. See the example: