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The way you flight gliders has changed again
Full FAI Firmware
Approved: F & S1.22

After a 20 month developement period

GliderKepeer is now available. Features a Dualcore 240Mhz MCU unit with native wireless connectivity.
Forget unplugging your recording device every afternoon.

Altimeter Recorder

Last generation barometric sensor fully compliant to F5J FAI rules.
(Homologation on going)

Landing Detection

Accelerometer landing detection algorithm gives flight duration directly  

Instantaneous time plot upon landing

Wireless connection for instantaneous flight plot display in your mobile screen, just after landing


GliderKeeper makes your F5J contest management comfortable

Change Your Settings on the Field 

You can directly browse and update GliderKeeper setting on the field. You will never forget “the cable” anymore, access your unit remotely to manage your flight setting and your flight records. Operating system agnostic either Android / IOS / Windows / MAC os. It uses your web browser to perform the interface with the device.

More than


Longer than

Seconds of Flight

Desktop App

Contest Process

GliderKeeper delivers F5J height and flight duration to help organization and timekeeper duties to be more reliable. By the moment, landing distance and working timeout has to be a human input. Short after landing, the GliderKeeper screen will be updated with the above figures. The operator now chooses to switch WI-FI ON to supervise flight figures, review the flight plot or send the results to the cloud. GliderKeeper will never generate radiofrecuency unless so requested by the operator.

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GliderKeeper has an in-built absolute pressure sensor to generate altitude and F5J “Start Height” readings as a normal competition altimeter. It also has a vibration sensor inside it.

Launch time is derived from Throttle advance signal, the same signal to count for Motor-On time in F5J, this is slightly ahead of model leaving pilot´s hand.

Landing time is derived from GliderKeeper accelerometer that will detect the model touching the ground.

Our initial thoughts were this time was going to be one or two seconds longer than actual Official timekeeper´s reading. We were surprised when during a competition we used some trial units as witness altimeters, we recorded several flights and the average deviation was around 0,6 secs longer than actual printed results of the flights where we were taking data. We can only explain this by the idea than humans trend to click the chronometers when the airplane gets horizontal while GliderKeeper detects the model´s nose contact with the ground.

It is clear that if you hold in your hands your model a while with the motor on GlilderKeeper reading will be longer than the actual human timeKeeper, but this amount of time will be the less time you will have to find a thermal in the foregoing flight, that is up to you.

We believe for training and small leagues this is a perfect help but by, for the time being, a local rule or general agreement on pilots has to be reached for a more formal approach in using GliderKeeper as a automatic timekeeper.

Besides all this GliderKeeper F5J Start Height calculation will always be available in your device.

GliderKeeper has more: it will support a Wi-Fi connection with you mobile or Tablet (see the manual) this means that you can challenge your landing time immediately by reviewing your altitude plot within seconds.

… And if you are proud of your flight: capture the screen and share with your colleagues in this moment!

Only 12,8 grams, including all cables needed for installing, no additional extensions. Altimeter, Display, Flight Duration Evaluation and Configuration capability. Power supply does not get bypassed by GliderKeeper PCB making your flight safer.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

No matter if you are tranning alone or in a huge competition. GliderKeeper will be your perfect assistant.


GliderKeeper is marketed worldwide through For more information about the price, please click here.

About Us

We are Marta, Sergio and Javier competition gliders enthusiasts. We have been largely involved in F5J contests since the formula was created.

We are proud to say that  we created GliderLink The World´s first QR code time keeping application and as well the first Internet based application, routinely used in Spain. Maybe working since 2011. The others just followed us.

We have been helping Glider CG in launching the successful  GliderThrow

We are also deeply engaged in organizational issues and since 2009 our group organizes F5J Masters And as a result for it we made a little gadget called GliderTimer a cigarette pack size device that can manage all the public Address and Sound tracks on an F5J contest it is now 3 years we are using it. You only need the portable Loudspeaker system and GliderTimer for organize your contest:  No Laptop needed in the field (both for classifications, GliderLink or soundtracks, GliderTimer).

But if you have been in this road before you would agree that one of the most difficult  thing in organizing a F5J contest is to have an acceptable cast of timekeepers. And after long discussions and very long hard work hours we ended up with GliderKeeper.

GliderKeeper comes as a help to pilots in training sessions, and small training or leagues where you can easily imagine all the pilots in the field can fly together in the same group.

We envisage many contest organizers will see this device as a tool that can be very useful for organising their competition with limited human support.

GliderKeeper, by the moment, let’s see how future evolves, does not completely replace timekeepers  but it will help very much in case limited number of timekeeper are available.

GliderKeeper is young, and there will be Software updates, corrections and new features to be added to this new environment.

We are very happy to hear from you in with you opinion, suggestions or complaints…


If you need some help, have a suggestion, something to improve, you think you found a bug or just want to share your opinion or pictures, please send us an email to with as much detail you have available. Please send us details like ID#, SW version, captured screens, FlightData.bin of your flight and, if available, picture of the model or the airfield… in those questions that having this info can help to diagnose.

We always welcome your contact and will come back to you as soon as possible. It is our understanding that listening Customer voice is the best way for us to improve.

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